Festival Season – Halloween/Diwali

Welcome to the Season of Pumpkins and friendly ghosts. October and November are also festive months in India. The two biggest festivals for most Indians, Dussehra and Diwali (the Festival of Lights), fall during these two months. India is a very heterogeneous or non-homogeneous country. You can travel from one state to another, and there are distinct differences in culture, cuisines, art forms, and of-course even languages. There are languages that are constitutionally recognized and variants that are spoken in India. And not to forget, the thousands of dialects make it even more exciting. Complex enough. Well, this is what gives Indian art and culture its glorious diversity. And of course, Indian art form has become richer as it has been imbued over centuries with influences from the Eastern and Western civilizations.
We do offer some gold jewelry and silver anklets, although much of the selection is in sterling silver jewelry that can be easily matched with kurtis. And yes, our Sterling silver Banjara jewelry selection is in the traditional styles popularized by the Gypsies from the sand dune state of Rajasthan, in West India.
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Enjoy the fiery colors of the Fall season!