The Festival Season is upon us.  Isn’t it intriguing that some of the biggest festivals for many communities are in the Fall season. On November 11, India and most Indians will celebrate  Deepavali – The Festival of Lights.  It is the grandest of all Indian festivals, something similar in importance, splendor and festivity to Christmas.  Deepavali, literally translated, means an array of lights, and is celebrated to herald the return, from exile, of one of the most revered Hindu Gods to his kingdom, and to wish prosperity and wealth to all.  Every house is decked with candles, lights, and diyas (miniature earthen lamps) to celebrate this joyous occasion.  Thus, the name Deepavali.  Cities literally twinkle in the orange and yellow glow of these lamplights, and it is a celestial, out-of-the-world experience.  Even the White House celebrates it.