Gobble gobble.  Welcome to the month of Thanksgiving and its plumpish mascot – the Turkey.  As the leaves glide down gently in this Autumn season bidding their final adieu, much of the world enters into a period of celebration.  The closing months of the year are truly the festive months, with some of the big festivals – Eid, Diwali (festival of lights), and Christmas – falling during this period.  It is also time to get ready for the big Thanksgiving feast.  Cooking a Turkey though is no easy feat.  As the quick-witted American comedian Rita Rudner noted, “Most turkeys taste better the day after; my mother’s tasted better the day before.” :-)In this festive spirit, Shipping is Free in the US for ALL orders of $50 or more.  A perfect way to get an early start even on your Holiday shopping season.Many thanks for continuing to add us as a Link on your websites and blogs.  It really helps in spreading the word and allows the search engines to locate us quicker and position us more relevantly.Please note that our eMails about promotions and order information may not reach you, unless you add us to your Address Book.Remember, it is the early bird that catches the juiciest worms. Catch you online!